Our History

Stockham Lumber Company has always been a mainstay in Holley and the surrounding communities. For over 130 years, we have supplied lumber and other goods to our neighbors and continue to do so with pride today.

Stockham Lumber began as NL Cole, named after Nerv L. Cole, in the late 1800s. The main business was in coal and lumber sales. Goods were delivered to the yard by rail. NL Cole passed the business to his son, Lewis "Chick" Cole and it remained as a lumber company.

Bruce Stockham worked for Lewis as a young man and eventually he and his wife, Betty, purchased the business in 1964. Bruce and Betty changed the name to "Stockham Lumber," but the ideals of the company that Lewis had taught remained. Bruce's nephew, Mark Spychalski, came to work for Stockham Lumber in 1969, doing any and all of the odd jobs that are inevitable at a lumberyard. Mark learned how to build stairs, countertops, screens and windows all while learning the inner workings of the business.

In 1989, Mark and his wife, Robin, purchased the business from Bruce and Betty. They set out to uphold the high quality standards and grow the business, adding to the number of products sold, trucks and employees. Mark and Robin retired in 2015 and have passed on the lumberyard to Dan Klips and Danny Poprawski, two long-time employees, and now the current owners.

Stockham Lumber continues to serve the local areas as well as many neighboring counties including: Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Erie, and beyond!